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We are a fire alarm and security company formed in 2021. Our team is comprised of experts and veterans of the fire alarm and security sectors. What brought us together was our common goals and understanding of what was missing in our industry, what will help us succeed is our vast experience.

What We Do

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Intrusion Detection

Underdog provides the most advanced intrusion detection systems and burglar alarms available on the market. An intrusion alarm allows us to monitor your facility or home when you aren’t there, keeping your property, people and products safe and secure.

Underdog works with some of the most well-known, respected names in the security industry. Our control panels are simple to understand and powerful to use, onsite or remotely with hardwired or wireless security systems. We have the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Custom Solutions – You will benefit from personalized security solutions with Underdog. We treat each of our valued customers like family to provide a solution that fits your specific needs.

24/7 Monitoring – When an alarm is triggered at your location, alarm monitoring agents will automatically take the required steps to secure your location.

  • Faster Response times
  • Reduce/eliminate false alarms + fines
  • Fewer after-hours wake up calls
  • Improved Customer Service

Cellular Monitoring – Underdog is a leading provider in wireless communication systems. Unlike “traditional” alarm systems which use a phone line to communicate to the monitoring station. Underdog sends all communication over a secure cellular connection for a faster, more secured response

5-Diamond Monitoring Station – Our 5-star Diamond Certified monitoring station is also UL listed and FM approved to keep watch over your property 24/7. 5-Diamond is a prestigious certification that we are proud of, as less than 10% of the monitoring stations nationwide hold this certification.

Duress (hostage) monitoring – We monitor for a hostage-type situation in which a user may either enter a special duress code into the keypad, or press a holdup button to trigger the silent alarm

Remote Access – Use your computer, smartphone or tablet to remotely access your system from anywhere in the world. Our remote access software is enterprise capable meaning that a single login will allow you to control all of your locations. With enterprise code/user management, system notifications and automated arming schedules you will find that managing a single site or many is simple and easy.

Preventative Maintenance – with a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at a scheduled times thought the year to inspect, clean, test and verify correct operations of all components on the system.

Video Surveillance

When your goal is to keep your customers, employees and company assets safe, it pays to have a reliable source of video surveillance.

Health Monitoring – There is nothing worse than finding out a camera has gone offline or a hard drive has malfunctioned when you need a recording the most. Our Video surveillance platform allows you to monitor the status of both our recorders and cameras.

Preventative Maintenance – With a preventative maintenance contact our service team will visit your site at scheduled times thought the year to inspect, clean, teat and verify correct operation of all components on the system.

Access Control

With the increasing focus on security these days, many business owners are turning to access control systems to make their property safer and minimize the risk of theft or unauthorized access. An access control system restricts the entry and exit to a building or specific area within a facility to authorized individuals via electronically based identification and authentication methods.

How to determine if you should have an access control system?

If you are thinking of incorporating an access control system into your facility you’ll need to evaluate a host of factors to ensure you’re making the best choice. You should start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your unique security needs. This includes the following.

  • Location of all entrances and exits to your facility.
  • Unique characteristics and features that could pose a security challenge.
  • The number and frequency of employees, customers, vendors and other individuals who enter and leave you facility each day. Potential security vulnerabilities such as high-value products, sensitive information or large amounts of cash.
  • Restricted areas that are off-limits to anyone other than authorized personnel.

Another factor to consider is your future security needs. If you are planning to expand your business at some point you’ll want a flexible access control system that will adapt easily to a building expansion or remodel. This can prevent the cost of purchasing and installing a brand new system. Old fashioned lock and key systems are no longer the safest or most effective way to control access to your building or facility. When you issue a key to an employee, client or contactor, you’re actually relinquishing your ability to manage who can enter your facility and when. A commercial access control system from Underdog Fire a& Security is the best way to eliminate the risk keys will be copied, accidentally lost, stolen or abused.

Fire Protection –

What are the Types of Fire Alarms?

Fire alarms systems can be broken down into two basic categories.

  • Traditional: Traditional or conventional alarm systems have been around for decades and are still frequently installed in homes and smaller commercial facilities. They work by dividing the structure into zones featuring detection components that are hard wired into  a control panel. The biggest issue with conventional systems is that they cannot indicate the specific component that’s triggering the alarm, making it difficult to pinpoint the fire’s exact location.
  • Addressable: Addressable systems represent a significant upgrade in fire alarm technology. An addressable fire alarm offers on important advantage over a traditional system: the detection components are equipped with individual identifiers that indicate the exact location by display on the control pane making it easy to target the fires origin.

Fire Alarms for Homes and Businesses – selecting a new fire alarm system for your home or business can be difficult, confusing task these days. Rapid advancement in fire alarm technology is recent years has led to the development of innovative, multifunctional systems that can detect fire and smoke more quickly and efficiently than ever.

It takes a careful evaluation of each system to choose the one that meets your unique fire protection needs and fits your budget. It’s also important to ensure the system meets all applicable fire codes in your area.

At Underdog Fire & Security, we highly value a culture of collaboration and service.

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